Teacher’s time should be focused on student learning!

LINC-ED is designed with teacher workflow in mind. Teacher’s time is valuable and we believe that their focus should be on creating great learning experiences for their students.

LINC-ED allows teachers to share this great learning in authentic ways that values teachers time. Powerful tracking tools allow teachers to manage their workflow.

Tools to support Modern Learning Pedagogy

The way we teach and the way children learn has changing and more schools are organising learning in more flexible and collaborative ways. It is essential to have a robust system to underpin this. Teachers need a tool that allows them to quickly access learning information for any child with whom they work.  LINC-ED is that tool!

Everything in one place

LINC-ED makes the storage of  data, images, documents and comments in one location a breeze. Teachers can log in to one system to find and interact with students learning in a multitude of ways. LINC-ED can also be used to share teaching ideas, professional learnings and information in the form of a school based private social network.

LINC-ED enables you to share information with groups of parents using our blogging features. Parents can subscribe to updates from the groups in which they have an interest.

Data Analysis

LINC-ED makes it simple for teachers and school leaders to gather the information that they need to make decisions about teaching and learning. Analysis of National Standards data is simple and clear. A variety of charts, tables and reports make it easy to drill down into the data. Find out how often parents have logged on and what they have read. Identify the most commonly assigned goals across the school so that professional learning can be targetted to support the teaching of these goals.

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