Ministry of Education Approved

In 2015 LINC-ED was officially awarded data sharing approval by the Ministry of Education.

The sharing of student learning is central to everything that we do and by integrating a fully functioned Student Management System into LINC-ED we have made this even easier. School can now store all student data within LINC-ED, use this to complete the Roll Returns process in March and July and generate the data that they need to support learning and administration.

Store all your student data in one place.

We’ve made it really easy to store student data, access it in various ways and extend it by adding your own fields. All designed to support teaching and learning and to save teacher’s time.

Safe and secure

Our software is robust and secure. We use powerful backup software and monitor security and access so that you can rest easy that your important data will always be there when you need it.

Parent access is tightly controlled so that they can only ever see the data relating to their own children and no more!