Sharing and celebrating learning

Go digital with LINC-ED. Reporting with LINC-ED is a breeze, easy to produce, easy to use with the student’s learning at the heart. For the busy teacher reporting will become a fluid and natural part of all that they do.

With one login, parents can access all their children’s reports at any time, from any place and on any device. Reporting becomes more meaningful, timely and dynamic with the inclusion of video, images, documents, progress charts, assessment data and goals set. Revolutionise your reporting with LINC-ED!

Formal reporting: ease the workload for teachers and leaders

With LINC-ED it is easy to make report comments, record assessments, proof read teacher comments and share everything with parents. Reports can even be printed out as school branded downloads.

Include rich media

From video and images through to ‘live’ google docs, LINC-ED gives you the power to tell the story students learning in authentic and meaningful ways.

Everything that you share becomes part of a students learning profile which will follow them throughout their time at the school.

Teachers and parents can access historic data at any time to add context and build a picture of a student.