Hero Webinar Series

After a successful series in 2021, the Hero Webinar Series is back for 2022!

What is provided?

Opportunity for timely ongoing PLD for your whole school

Webinars can be accessed by any member of your staff community, with topics catering for administrators, school leaders and teachers.

Access to Premium Content

Video recordings of premium content will be sent to your school, giving you the flexibility to revisit later as a part of wider PLD, or to access if you can’t make the webinar time.

Connect with our Team

An opportunity for Q&A with our Hero consultants.

View a taster of webinar recordings from 2021.

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Webinar Timetable - Term 2, 2022

Overview of sessions available this term. To register your school for webinar PD please click the link above.

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School Holidays No sessions
Week 1 No sessions
Week 2 No sessions
Week 3
Wednesday the 18th of May, 1.30pm Teaching

Privacy & Security with Paul Sibson (Hero CTO & Co-founder)

What you need to know about privacy & security to vigilantly navigate the digital world.

Who should Attend?


Week 4
Tuesday the 24th of May, 11am Finance

Xero Integration

A step-by-step guide to get flying with your Xero Integration.

Who should attend?

Finance Executives and Office Administrators

Week 5
Wednesday the 1st of June, 3.15pm Teaching

Student Posting - Posting Learning Content Across Each Year Level

Tips and tricks to help junior students (Year 2-3) sign in to Hero and get posting. How teachers can implement this, and the flow on effect!

Who should attend?


Week 6 No sessions
Week 7
Wednesday the 15th of June, 1.30pm Teaching

Page Sets

How to set up page sets, and linking them to auto groups - including examples of how bilingual and Maori medium schools are using these page sets!

Who Should Attend?

School Leaders

Week 8
Tuesday the 21st of June, 11am Office Administration

Frequently Asked Questions from the Hero Helpdesk

Timely content that answers common queries from our super administrators.

Who Should Attend?

Office Administrators

Week 9
Wednesday the 29th of June, 1.30pm Teaching

Real Time Reporting

Hear from a guest speaker about their Real Time Reporting journey, and receive support with using resources to induct new staff - including using Hero Guides, ensuring 'About this Page' is current, and setting expectations.

Who should Attend?

School Leaders & Teachers

Week 10 No sessions