Hero is now the complete school app!

Real-time reporting
In-app notifications
Targeted notices
Secure online payments
Community surveys
Permission slips
Simple absence notification
Links to your website and social media
Links to policies and procedures

And best of all…

Everything is fully integrated into your Student Management System, one place for everything! No manual data transfer or data duplication!


Premier only features

  1. Super Simple Survey and Permission Slips
  2. Links to the school website, social media, and other digital platforms in the mobile app
  3. Absence notifications from the mobile app
  4. School Term dates in the mobile app
  5. Events/ Calendar

Super Simple Survey and Permission Slips

Our Super Simple Survey is designed to make it quick and easy to get responses from parents to a single question.

Super simple for the parent to answer within the app just by tapping the answer.

Super simple to collate the responses for the school

Super simple to send out a reminder to parents who have not responded.


Links to the school website, social media, and complimentary digital platforms in the mobile app

Increase parent engagement with all your communications.

In addition to the community feed already built into Hero, you can now add links to your other key communication channels directly into the Hero App.

Customisable to your school, the landing page is perfect for putting all your important links in one place, whether it is your Facebook page, Hail newsletters or your policies and procedures, everything is just a tap away.

Absence notifications from the mobile app

Reducing home admin for busy caregivers, The new Hero App allows users to quickly send late and absence messages for their children.

Lower administrative overheads for the school - subscribe to updates from parents so that you instantly know who will be away and mark the roll there and then.

No more checking the answerphone, emails or paper notes!


Term dates!

No more searching the school or ministry website to find out the term dates so that you can book your next family holiday!

Pulling directly from the school dates that are set in Hero, the new term dates feature of the Hero App makes it easy for parents to know exactly when school will open or closed!

Events/ Calendar

Use Google Calendar for your school events?

Now you can simply add the link to your public google calendar to the Hero App settings page and all the events will be automatically added for parents to check! Make your calendar and events visible to all!



Encourage others to be the Hero that offsets your cost. The new Hero app gives your school the chance to leverage sponsorship opportunities with local businesses. Local heroes can support your school by promoting their timely messages through Hero.