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Cloud based service All our servers run on enterprise grade  hardware which are up-to-date and easily scaled at busy times of the year.

We have robust, industry standard backup and recovery routines and processes. Our servers and backups are held in two separate data centers.

No need to worry about having your own hardware, service contracts or data security.
Secure All LINC-ED data is hosted on enterprise grade servers which are managed, secure, up-to-date and have a 99.99% up time.

These servers are used by banks, councils, government departments and SaaS providers. They operate from secure, monitored data centres with industrial air conditioning, multiple UPS devices and with multiple onsite generators.

No need to worry about having your own hardware, service contracts or data security.
Designed by a New Zealand Principal As the Principal of a large New Zealand Primary School Paul knows exactly what the requirements are for the collection, sharing and aggregation of data about student learning. He built LINC-ED to meet his needs as a School Leader and improve efficiency and transparency at all levels. Relevant quality data, that you need, when you need it!
Low learning curve Our users range from highly technical professionals to mums and dads with a smart phone. We want all users to be able to access what they need without having to be ‘trained’. No one is excluded from sharing or accessing learning or school information.
Custom data collection All schools are different and want to be able to track the information and learning that is important to them. LINC-ED has this baked in! From custom fields to building your own assessment rubrics and evidence sharing pages, LINC-ED is yours to adapt to your needs. You tailor the system to meet your needs!
Visual progress tracking We use icons, colour and photos to make it easy for teachers to see patterns and identify areas for development. Data is clear and easy to interpret!
Share! At its core LINC-ED is about sharing learning. Sharing learning at multiple levels and for multiple purposes. With LINC-ED you can share individual student’s learning with their family, through to building a report for ERO. We have made it really easy to track engagement so that you can see where you are making a difference. Know your students by tracking their learning history and building partnerships with parents.
Parents and students can share too! LINC-ED has the option to allow students to log in to their own portfolio and interact with their learning and share with their teachers and parents.

Parent voice is also built in so that mums and dads can help teachers understand more about their children.

Involves everyone in the learning process.
Support when you need it Our ticketing system provides users with a knowledge base of help and advice, or a LINC-ED contact to get in touch with for help and support. Quick access to help so that you can get on with sharing and using data to support teaching and learning.
Board level data Our powerful reports for aggregating data gives Boards of Trustees the information that they need to make informed strategic decisions for the learners in the school. Boards need high level, pertinent data that is presented in ways that are easy to understand and can help drive decision making.
Staff appraisal The power of LINC-ED for sharing and tracking student learning can also be applied to staff learning. All staff using LINC-ED have their own access controlled section where they can share their own goals and professional learning. Incorporating the Registered Teacher Criteria (or any other criteria the school may select) means that appraisal can be easily aligned to the latest requirements. Teachers are learners too! Powerful feedback to teachers to enhance teacher development and career path options.
Blogs and email notifications Newsletters and notices can be targeted directly to the right parents using our built in blogging platform and email system. Parents can control this themselves by simply switching subscriptions on or off. Your messages get through!
Advanced badging system Digital badging is a powerful way to engage students with learning and for this to be shared with families and beyond the school. Track and engage students with their learning.

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