LINC-ED passionately helping schools to share learning

A learning centred communication solution.

LINC-ED is a unique web app for NZ schools that is designed to be simple, secure and stylish.

Our children are growing up in a world where their work will be produced digitally, shared digitally and their learning will be captured digitally. LINC-ED has solved the problem of how to bring it all together in one central place. LINC-ED allows teachers to upload, embed and link documents, presentations, images and  video; receive feedback and set targets in a simple and stylish way. Above all, LINC-ED’s e-portfolio system promotes the sharing of learning and creativity.

Sharing and celebrating learning.

LINC-ED has been instrumental in transforming the way we report student success and next steps. It supports collaborative teaching, as all staff are able to access data for all students. The ease of application and training for staff is like no other programme we have used.
Ginnie Warren, St Albans
The ease with which my leadership team can access data for students across subject areas against the curriculum levels really helps support us in our discussions around student progress.
Toby Stokes, Crofton Downs Primary School
Data is easy to access, very easy to share and report to the staff and Board of Trustees. Even easier to send to the Ministry of Education.
Eddie Norgate, Diamond Harbour Primary School

Teachers’ time should be focused on student learning!

LINC-ED is designed with teacher workflow in mind. Teachers’ time is valuable and we believe that their focus should be on creating rich learning experiences for their students.

LINC-ED allows teachers to share this rich learning in authentic ways that values teachers’ time. Powerful tracking tools allow teachers to manage their workflow.

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Support: Only a click away.


We have built support directly into your LINC-ED site. Simply click on the side tab to search our knowledge base or send a support request. Easy!

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LINC-ED x Vodafone

LINC-ED is part of the Vodafone xone, an accelerator programme tailored for 10 innovative Kiwi tech businesses with global ambitions. Vodafone xone’s aim is to actively partner with companies focussing on emerging technology and solutions, to deliver innovation to market. As part of the 6 month programme, participating companies are provided with seed funding, mentoring, office space, workshops, and network access.


The 2016 cohort saw an intake of companies of varying stages and from a spread of industries. Vodafone recognised LINC-ED’s vision to transform the way in which schools share and track students’ learning. It is the “one-stop-shop” communication solution for schools, including full Ministry approved SMS and pupil billing functionality. LINC-ED makes learning visible, enables effective data analysis and is easy to use for teachers, parents and students.

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School Customisation


Just like students, schools are all different and therefore we have built LINC-ED with flexibility in mind, schools have the ability to customise LINC-ED to meet their needs and the needs of their community. We even offer customisation for schools offering full Maori immersion!

Easy Setup


We will set up everything that you need to get going and then help you to make the most of LINC-ED to support your learners.



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